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Optimization of Dynamic Systems
in Industrial Applications

Oskar von Stryk

Lehrstuhl für Höhere und Numerische Mathematik
(Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. R. Bulirsch)
Technische Universität München
D-80290 München, Germany
Phone/Fax: Germany + 89 2105 8157 / 8156

Keywords: ordinary differential equations, parameter identification, optimal control

The simulation of technical processes by scientific computing has become an important tool for the development of new technologies. In many applications, the required theoretical and experimental research can be replaced in part by numerical computations. In this paper, we focus on technical processes which can be described by dynamic systems, i.e., by the solution of initial or boundary value problems in ordinary differential or differential algebraic equations. In this paper, several recently developed efficient numerical methods are presented. Their impact in engineering is demonstrated by their application to three different classes of problems, namely trajectory optimization, parameter estimation and design optimization.

Oskar von Stryk
Thu May 2 20:47:39 MET DST 1996