>xabsl   The Extensible Agent Behavior Specification Language


The XABSL distribution contains the XabslEngine class library, the XABSL compiler, the XSLT stylesheets for generating documentation, scripts, and make files. An example implementation for the ascii-soccer environment by Tucker Balch shows how the XabslEngine and the scripts can be used on a specific platform.

XABSL-Soccer-with-WIN32-Binaries.zip (2,1 MB) Includes Win32 binaries of xsltproc and dot.
Recommended when using Windows. Commands such as "bash", "make", and "ruby" (and "gcc" and "curses" for the ASCII soccer example) need to be available. Cygwin installation is recommended. You should be able to start the ASCII soccer example by running "make" and executing "start-game.bash" afterwards.
XABSL-Soccer.zip (203 KB) For all other platforms.
Adapt the Makefile in the "XABSL-Soccer/XabslExampleAgentTeam/xabsl-src" directory.
jXabslEngine.zip (753 KB) A Java implementation of the XABSL engine.
XABSL compiler and other tools are not included.