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With the increasing use of robotic manipulators the requirements of their abilities are also increasing. An essential part in design and application of robots is their dynamic behaviour. The discussion of optimal trajectories within the context of path planning and optimal design of parameters leads to the optimal control problems discussed in this paper.

Several methods for solving optimal point-to-point trajectory problems of robotic manipulators have been suggested and applied, e. g., in [7], [13], [14], [15], [23], to cite only a few of many papers.

As an extension to the previous cited work we investigate a non academic, highly nonlinear model of a commercially available robot, discuss several objectives for optimal trajectories and consider state constraints on the angular velocities that play an important role in the time optimal motion.
In our approach, we combine a direct collocation and an indirect multiple shooting method in an hybrid approach (cf. [28]) with a large domain of convergence and highly accurate solutions. The direct collocation method is easily capable to treat a wide variety of objectives and constraints on the state and control variables.

Oskar von Stryk
Fri Apr 5 21:57:02 MET DST 1996