Darmstadt is located in the federal state of Hesse in Germany, right in the heart of central Europe, and can be reached very easily by plane (Frankfurt International Airport), train or car. Considering the number of its inhabitants Darmstadt is not one of the largest cities in Germany. But it is actually on top position in various rankings in Germany and Europe. Its sustainable mix of branches in the economy is based on the presence of high-class research and development institutions that is unparalleled – and that attracts people from all over the world to Darmstadt.

Diverse cultural activities are complemented by numerous sports facilities that are both utilized for competitive and popular sports. All this is rounded off by the charming environment of a beautiful landscape with the Odenwald mountain region in the southeast, the famous old city of Heidelberg in the southwest, and the nearness to the rivers Rhine, Main, and Neckar which are home to several wine-growing areas. Among these the Rheingau northeastern of Darmstadt is well known for its famous Riesling wine. The city has a preferable location in the center of Europe: not even half an hour away from Frankfurt International Airport, only a few minutes from the major European motorways and important public transport connections.

A leaflet about the sights of Darmstadt (in German and English) is provided by Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt Marketing GmbH, a broad overview on Darmstadt is given here (English/German).


altNothing promotes peace and well-being as much as culture. Darmstadt has always been open for innovation. The best examples for this are the Darmstadt Expressionism, the association of artists "Darmstädter Sezession", international exhibitions in the halls of the Artists' Colony (Mathildenhöhe) and the famous holiday courses for new music. Among the institutions that have settled in Darmstadt are: the German Poland Institute, the German Pen Club, the Hessian Design Center, the Institute for New Technical Design with its legendary Braun Collection – and the German Academy for Language and Literature, which in alliance with the Darmstadt City Council awards the first German Literature Award each year, the Georg Büchner Prize. Operas and classical plays are performed at the Staatstheater.

Inner City

altIn the past years, the core of Darmstadt´s inner city was renovated, and with the Carree an attractive meeting point was created for citizens, including the Centralstation, a hall for cultural events whose architecture has been chosen to be worthy of an award. Numerous street cafes have emerged in the inner city in recent years which are full up to the last place in summer. You can hear all kinds of languages here.

Economy and Science

The city provides around 100,000 jobs to 140,000 inhabitants - an extremely favourable correlation. Apart from relying on the IT branch we count on the pharmaceutical sector, biotechnology, mechatronics and the cosmetics branch, just to name a few examples. The manufacturing sector and the trade sector are just as welcome in Darmstadt. In 1999 alone, 120 IT companies were founded in Darmstadt. The City of Science Darmstadt supports this boom together with its partners in the innovation society which operates the successful Technology and Innovation Center (TIZ). The aim of the concept of the town as a Science City is to support an innovation-friendly environment in which technology-oriented economic branches can find optimal possibilities for development. Special mention must be made about the new house of sciences and congresses named “darmstadtium” opposite to the Technische Universitaet (TU) and the Residential Palace, where science and the economic sector find an ideal place for presentation.

The Western District

In the city´s western district, a new city quarter is being created that aims to integrate commerce, technology and services, working and living. Here in the West, the headquarters of the Telekom subsidiary T-Online have been developed recently. Also located here are two central european space agencies: ESOC and EUMETSAT. These two institutions combined make Darmstadt a capital for European space operations.

This text is based on mayor Walter Hoffmann´s longer article in the book "Wirtschaftsstandort / Business Location Darmstadt”, Europaeischer Wirtschafts Verlag, Darmstadt, 2005, ISBN 3-932845-88-9. More information on Darmstadt can be found on the website of the city of Darmstadt.

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