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RoboCup 2011 News

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7/10 9:45am: Bitter loss in the semi-final after overtime
Our robot started excellent, leading 4:1 in the first half, when technical problems including WLAN communication between our robots made them fail. We could not resolve on the spot and had to play without regular goal keeper in the second half and with partially impaired robots. After a draw 5:5 in regular time the performance of the reamining robots significantly decreased by every minute of the extension time and it became a very easy game for the opponent.

The game was bitter for our team as it turned out to be the first and so far only defeat at one of the RoboCup world championships 2009, 2010, 2011, but it was good for the league as it demonstrated that also other teams have a chance to win. Congratulations to Team DARwIn which was formed by our friends and cooperational partners from Virginia Tech.

Video (cut) of the whole game

Detailed video of first half

Detailed video of second half and extension