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RoboCup 2011 News

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7/7, 9:40am: Stuttering but successful start in the tournament, 11:1 win against JEAP from Japan
Just before the game two of our oldest robots could not play due to hardware failure, and we could only start with two. We scored the 1:0 quickly, but JEAP scored back to 1:1. But then Luise as almost only player in the first half and Isra as only player in the second half could continuously score against two opponent robots. So the final score was 11:1 at the end (7:1 at half-time).

Besides the hardware failures also the motion and playing behavior was yet far from optimal. So there is a lot of work to do for the team. We hope to see some improvements already in the next game at 11:30am local time against Cyberlords LaSalle from Mexico

Kick-Off to the first game of the Humanoid KidSize League Kick-Off

Team meeting after the game Team Meeting