MBSlib is an efficient and modular multibody systems library for kinematics and dynamics simulation, optimization and sensitivity analysis. The library provides an intuitive modeling interface, modular software architecture, efficient computational algorithms as well as the computation of derivatives with respect to system states, control variables or model parameters. In combination with gradient-based optimization methods, the derivatives can be used to facilitate the numerical solution of optimization problems significantly. The library is free and open. These features make MBSlib a powerful, flexible and lightweight modeling, simulation and optimization library for many technical and biomechanical applications.

Source Code

The source code is provided in the MBSlib repository on Github.


Please contact Janis Wojtusch and Jürgen Kunz for further information.


J. Wojtusch, J. Kunz, O. von Stryk
MBSlib - An Efficient Multibody Systems Library for Kinematics and Dynamics Simulation, Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis
In: Robotics and Automation Letters, IEEE, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 954-960, 2016
Abstract  BibTeX  PDF-Icon PDF file  Online available via DOI


M. Friedmann, J. Wojtusch, von Stryk
A modular and efficient approach to computational modeling and sensitivity analysis of robot and human motion dynamics
In: Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Vol. 12, No. Issue 1, pp. 85-86, December, 2012
Abstract  BibTeX  PDF-Icon PDF file  Online available via DOI
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