Former Members and Alumni in the Simulation, Systems Optimization and Robotics Group  

Former Members and Alumni

M.Sc. Tobias Ullrich(bis 05/2021)
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kohlbrecher(until 07/2020)
Dr.-Ing. Alberto Romay(until 07/2020)
Dr.-Ing. Dorian Scholz(until 07/2020)
Dr.-Ing. Juliane Euler (until 10/2019)
M.Sc. Marie Schumacher(until 07/2019)
Dr.-Ing. Tobias Ritter (until 10/2017)
Dr.-Ing. Janis Wojtusch (until 08/2017)
Dr.-Ing. Karen Kurowski(until 06/2016)
M.Sc. Oliver Haala (until 12/2015)
Dipl.-Inform. Jürgen Kunz (until 10/2015)
Dr.-Ing. Juan Manuel Delfa Victoria(until 08/2015)
Dipl.Ing. Alexander Tödtheide(until 08/2015)
Dipl.Inform. Marcel Missura(until 07/2015)
Dr.-Ing. Dorian Scholz(until 08/2015)
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kurowski(until 07/2015)
Dr.-Ing. Katayon Radkhah(until 11/2014)
Dr.-Ing. Inna Mikhailova(until 04/2014)
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Lens(until 12/2012)
Dr.-Ing. Dirk Thomas(until 12/2011)
Dr.-Ing. Martin Friedmann(until 11/2011)
Dr.-Ing. Christian Reinl(until 05/2011)
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hemker(until 11/2010)
Dipl.-Inform. Sebastian Petters(until 04/2010)
Dr.-Ing. Max Risler(until 03/2010)
Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Klug(until 02/2010)
Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Stelzer(until 09/2008)
Dr.-Ing. Jutta Kiener(until 07/2007)
Dr.-Ing. Markus Glocker(until 04/2006)
Dr.-Ing. Torsten Butz(until 11/2004)
Dr.-Ing. Robert Höpler(until 07/2004)
Dr.-Ing. Uwe Rettig(until 06/2003)
Michael Hardt Gonzalez, Ph.D.(until 05/2003)
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kronseder(until 06/2002)
Dipl.-Math. Silke Werner(until 09/2001)
Dr.-Ing. Elke Siemon(until 01/2001)

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