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2018-10-05: Visit of Chancellor and Hessian Prime Minister
Our Team Hector is looking very much forward to the upcoming visit of Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, the Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier and the Hessian Research Minister Boris Rhein!
2018-10-01: German Rescue Robotics Center Project starts
The cooperative project for Development of the German Rescue Robotics Center has begun. It is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF). Our team leads the development of autonomous functionalities for mobile ground robots.
2018-08-01: EXIST Research Transfer Project Energy Robotics starts
The EXIST Research Transfer Project Energy Robotics funded by Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi) and European Social Fund begins.
2018-06-21: Three Awards for Team Hector at RoboCup 2018
At RoboCup 2018 in Montreal our Team Hector wins the Best-in-Class Exploration, Best-in-Class Small Robot and Best-in-Class Outdoor CarryBot Awards of the Rescue Robot League.
2018-06-01: EXIST Project Walkerchair starts
The project EXIST Founder Scholarship Walkerchair funded by Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi) and European Social Fund starts.
2018-04-29: Team Hector Suceeds at RoboCup German Open
Team Hector wins the Best-in-Class Autonomy Award for the most intelligent rescue robot at RoboCup German Open 2018.
2018-04-24: First Prize in Start-Up Competition Digital Innovations
Our start-up concept Freemotion Systems was awarded one out of six first prizes from 170 submissions to the start-up competition Digital Innovations of the Federal BMWi.
2017-11-15: Datenlotsen Award
Congratulations to Karim Barth for the Datenlotsen Award 2017 for his bachelor thesis
2017-08-16: Successful PhD Graduation!
Congratulations to Jérôme Kirchhoff to his successful PhD defense!
2017-07-31: RoboCup Symposium Best Paper Award
The paper Real-time online adaptive feedforward velocity control for unmanned vehicles by Nicolai Ommer, Alexander Stumpf et al. receives the Best Paper Award for Scientific Contribution of the RoboCup 2017 Symposium.
2017-07-30: Team Hector successful at RoboCup 2017
Team Hector wins again the Best MicroAerial Robot Award of the Rescue Robot League at RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya, Japan, and misses the Best Exploration Award only by few points due to hardware problems
2017-07-04: Successful PhD Graduation!
Congratulations to Janis Wojtusch to his successful PhD defense!
2017-06-22: Team Hector wins at ENRICH 2017
Our Team Hector wins the first edition of the European ENRICH Robotics Competition the first price for the best mapping of radioactive sources in an abandoned nuclear power plant.
2017-05-12: Winner of the ARGOS Challenge
Our Team ARGONAUTS has just won the ARGOS Challenge which is the by far most complex and demanding scenario for intelligent robots in industrial plants!
2017-03-28: Successful PhD Graduation!
Congratulations to Tobias Ritter to his successful PhD defense!
2017-02-01: Finals of the ARGOS Challenge
Our Team ARGONAUTS competes from March 13th to 17th, 2017, in the finals of the ARGOS Challenge, which is the by far most complex and demanding scenario for intelligent robots in industrial plants. The winner will take the 500.000€ victory prize. See our Blog from the competition
2017-01-31: Successful PhD Graduation!
Congratulations to Juliane Euler to her successful PhD defense!
2016-07-03: Team Hector successful at RoboCup 2016
Team Hector wins Best MicroAerial Robot Award of the Rescue Robot League. Although it arrived only very few days before the competition, Team Hector also managed to use their new tracked mobile robot successfully in the competition. However, the time for preparation was too short for being able to defend the previously won titles. Furthermore, demonstrations for humanoid rescue robot tasks have been successfully performed with robot Johnny.
2016-05-30: RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig
The largest and most important annual competition for intelligent robots takes place from June 30 - July 3, 2016, in Leipzig. This twentieth RoboCup is only the second ever to take place in Germany. Our team actively supports RoboCup 2016 (O. von Stryk/Associate Chair RoboCup 2016, S. Kohlbrecher/Local Co-Chair Rescue Robot League).
2016-05-19: ICRA 2016 Best HRI Paper Award Finalist
The paper Human-Robot Collaborative High-Level Control with Application to Rescue Robotics by P. Schillinger, S. Kohlbrecher et al. has been awarded Finalist for the prestigious Best Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Paper Award at the 2016 IEEE ICRA 2016 in Stockholm. Congratulations!
2016-04-08: 2nd ARGOS Challenge Competition
Our Team ARGONAUTS successfully participated in the 2nd ARGOS Challenge Competition and was ranked the second best team.
2016-03-30: Sucessful PhD Graduation!
Congratulations to Alberto Romay to his successful PhD defense!
2016-03-01: Johnny above the clouds
Team Hector's robot Johnny 05 featured in British Airway's high life magazine as project putting Germany at the cutting-edge of technology.
2016-02-01: Please observe the new phone numbers starting 8 Feb 2016!
Starting 8 Feb 2016 new phone and fax numbers will be active. Please observe the new calling numbers!
2016-01-19: ERF 2016 Workshop
Our workshop proposal on Perception and Cognitive Abilities for Disaster Management Robots has been accepted for the European Robotics Forum, 21-23 March 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2015-12-02: Sucessful PhD Graduation!
Congratulations to Stefan Kohlbrecher to his successful PhD defense!
2015-10-19: IEEE HUMANOIDS 2015 Workshop
The program of our workshop on Reusable and Open-Source Modules for Humanoid Robots on Nov 3rd, 2015, at IEEE-RAS HUMANOIDS in Seoul is online.
2015-10-06: Spin-Off Bionic Robotics receives handling award 2015
On Oct 6th, 2015, Bionic Robotics GmbH was awarded the handling award 2015 of the professional journal handling in the category Automization and Robotics in recognition of the development of the innovative lightweight robot BioRob for human-machine-collaboration. More information (in German)
2015-08-19: We are celebrating 15 years of SIM on Sep. 11th!
2015-08-18: Sucessful PhD Graduation!
Congratulations to Dorian Scholz to his successful PhD defense!
2015-08-06: Sucessful PhD Graduation!
Congratulations to Stefan Kurowski to his successful PhD defense!
2015-07-22: Most Intelligent Rescue Robot comes from Darmstadt
RoboCup 2015 in Hefei: Team Hector wins Best in Class Autonomy Award for the most intelligent rescue robot for the 4th time in a row and receives Innovative User Interface Award for the joint mapping ability with multiple robots
2015-06-17: Sucessful PhD Graduation!
Congratulations to Juan Manuel Delfa Victoria to his successful PhD defense!
2015-06-08: Rescue Until Falling (in German)
Deutschlandfunk reports on the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge (in German)
2015-05-29: Finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge in Kalifornien start June 5th 2015
Report about disaster crew after ultimate MCA (in German)
2015-05-06: Award for PhD Thesis of Dr. Radkhah
The PhD thesis of Dr.-Ing. Kati Radkhah has received the 2015 Award of the Association of Friends of TU Darmstadt for excellent scientific achievements.
2015-05-01: EUROSTARS Project Starts
In the highly competitive European Eurostars Program our cooperative project "highly mobile autonomous robots for remote monitoring of plants in explosive atmospheres" (with taurob, Vienna, and TU Vienna) has been approved and starts May 1st, 2015.
2015-03-20: Bionic Robotics GmbH sucessfully concluded an early Series A round of funding
Bionic Robotics GmbH, developer and manufacturer of the bioinspired robot arm BioRob and spin-off of the research group, successfully concluded an early Series A round of funding for the extension of its development and marketing activities (full article).
2015-03-16: Rescue Robots at CeBIT
Team Hector presents robots for search and recovery tasks in disasters from March 16-20, 2015, at CeBIT in Hannover. Report (in German), videos: YouTube,, Darmstaedter Tagblatt
2015-03-01: Double Qualification for DRC Finals
Our Teams Hector and ViGIR both qualified for the Final Competition of the prestigious DARPA Robotics Challenge. This makes us the only research group worldwide that will be at the start with 2 teams.
2014-12-15: Team Hector on TV
TV Channel RTL reports on the rescue robot world champions of TU Darmstadt (video)
2014-11-08: Spin-Off Bionic Robotics GmbH receives enterprise award
Bionic Robotics GmbH receives Enterprise Award of the 35th Forum KIEDRICH Founders Market
2014-09-22: ARGOS Challenge
Team ARGONAUTS with taurob, TU Darmstadt and TU Vienna has been selected for the ARGOS Challenge for the development of the first semi-autonomous mobile inspection robots for oil and gas platforms!
2014-07-25: Team Hector wins RoboCup World Championship 2013 in Brazil
For the first time and as the first German team, Team Hector wins the 2014 RoboCup Rescue Robot League in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. In addition, the Best in Class Autonomy Award was obtained for the third time in a row.
2014-04-05: Rescue Robot Team Hector Wins at RoboCup GermanOpen
After a strong comeback in the competition, Team Hector comes in first at RoboCup GermanOpen in Magdeburg and wins RoboCup Rescue Robot League as well as Best-in-Class Autonomy Award for the most intelligent rescue robot for the fourth time in a row.
2014-03-21: Team ViGIR advances to the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC)
Based on the good performance at the DRC Trials in December 2013, Team ViGIR has been qualified for the DRC Finals in June 2015.
2013-12-31: The next big thing (in German)
ZEIT online comments on the enormous potential of robotics
2013-12-23: Robot Competition in Miami (in German)
ZDF, the largest TV channel in Europe, reports on the DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials and Team ViGIR
2013-12-19: Creating the Disaster Response of the Future reports on Team ViGIR in Robotics Challenge: Creating the Disaster Response of the Future
2013-09-12: Robo sapiens, help!
Robo sapiens, help! The national weekly journal DIE ZEIT reports on our entry in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (No. 38, p. 75)
2013-09-04: Social Media von Team ViGIR are online
Social Media of Team ViGIR (humanoid rescue robots) are online: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
2013-07-23: Change of Courses!
Starting winter semester 2013/14 the courses "Robotics 1" and "Robotics 2" will be replaced by the new course "Foundations of Robotics" to be held every winter semester.
2013-07-11: Team ViGIR receives Atlas
Team ViGIR (TORC Robotics, TU Darmstadt, Virginia Tech) receives Atlas, one of the most advanced humanoid robots in the world, for development as rescue robot! Press reports: DARPA, IEEE Spectrum, TU Darmstadt (in German)
2013-07-09: Successful graduation!
Congratulations to Karen Petersen to her successful PhD defense!
2013-06-30: Best-in-Class Autonomy Award
Eindhoven: Team Hector wins Best-in-Class Autonomy Award for the most intelligent robot of the RoboCup Rescue Robot League World Championship 2013 (for the second time in a row).
2013-06-27: 6. position - Virtual DARPA Robotics Challenge
Big success for Team ViGIR (TORC Robotics, TU Darmstadt, Virginia Tech) in the Virtual DARPA Robotics Challenge: Top 6 from more than hundred teams worldwide! Press report: IEEE Spectrum, TU Darmstadt (in German)
2013-06-20: 17. RoboCup
June 24-30, 2013, Eindhoven: Team Hector competes at the 17. RoboCup World Championship: Hector Facebook, Twitter
Congratulations to Kati Radkhah to her successful PhD defense!
May 2013: Spin-off BioRob GmbH becomes Bionic Robotics GmbH.
May 14, 2013: Team ViGIR (SIM Group with TORC Robotics and Virginia Tech) successfully qualified for Virtual DARPA Robotics Challenge, the international competition for robot technologies to conduct humanitarian, disaster relief
Issue 5/2013: Interview with Prof. von Stryk in Technische Rundschau (Swiss industrial magazine)
May 7-9, 2013, Karlsruhe: Robots BioRob and BioBiped on display at IEEE ICRA 2013
April 28, 2013, Magdeburg: Hector SLAM receives first HARTING Open-Source Award
April 28, 2013, Magdeburg, RoboCup GermanOpen: Search and rescue robot team Hector wins Rescue Robot League for the third time in a row as well as the Best in Class Autonomy Award
March 11-14, 2013: 6th International Symposium on Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines takes place in Darmstadt
March 9, 2013, Zurich: Robots BioRob and BioBiped appear at Robots on Tour
Autonomous humanoid soccer robot Bruno of the Darmstadt Dribblers is displayed at the exhibition "Robot. Machine and Human?" at the Technisches Museum, Vienna.
Oct. 2012: Team ViGIR (SIM Group with TORC Robotics and Virginia Tech) was selected for Track B of the DARPA Robotics Challenge, the international competition for robot technologies to conduct humanitarian, disaster relief
Aug. 20, 2012: BioRob robot arm will be displayed at the Heinz-Nixdorf-Museumsforum, reports by MM, Produktion (in German)
3.8.2012: TV station SAT.1 reports on the search and rescue robots of Team Hector (in German)
July 4, 2012: Congratulations to Thomas Lens to his successful PhD defense!
July 3, 2012: Master Thesis of Jérôme Kirchhoff awarded prize of Darmstadt Foundation for Technology Transfer.
June 18-23, RoboCup, Mexico City: Team Hector wins Best in Class Autonomy Award, 2nd overall place and Innovation Award in Rescue Robot League, Darmstadt Dribblers win 3rd place in Humanoid KidSize League (press announcement in German)
June 18-23, Mexico City: Darmstadt Dribblers and Team Hector compete at the 16. RoboCup World Championship: DD Facebook, Twitter, Results, Hector Facebook, Twitter, Results
June 15, 2012: Graduate School Computational Engineering again successful in national excellence initiative
June 6, 2012, 11:30am: Darmstadt Dribblers appear in the Program with the Mouse (Mouse TV) on channels KIKA and ARD (video)
03/29-01/04/2012, Magdeburg: Darmstadt Dribblers and Team Hector compete at the 11. RoboCup German Open: DD on Twitter and Facebook, Hector on Twitter and Facebook
Nov 8, 2011: Robotic arm BioRob selected as landmark in the nation-wide competition Land of Ideas.
Oct 2011: German magazine Der Spezialist reports on robots of the SIM group.
July 10, 2011, RoboCup, Istanbul: Darmstadt Dribblers win 1st place in technical challenge and 3rd place (out of 24) in soccer games, Team Hector ranked 2nd (out of 17) in Best in Class Autonomy Category, Reports, Videos
August 2011: BioBiped1 robot appears in the National Geographic Magazine
July 8, 2011: IEEE Spectrum`s Automaton Blog reports on Darmstadt Dribblers preparations for throw-in and double pass challenge for RoboCup 2011 in Istanbul.
May 9, 2011: The therapy robot "Paro", guest lecture by Dr. Takanori Shibata (Building S2|02, Room C105, see calendar of events).
2011/04/07: Interview with Prof. von Stryk in Bild der Wissenschaft (German science magazine)
April 6, 2011: IEEE Spectrum`s Automaton Blog reports on Darmstadt Dribblers at RoboCup GermanOpen 2011.
2011/04/03, RoboCup GermanOpen 2011: Team Hector wins RoboCup Rescue League and Best in Class Autonomy Award; Darmstadt Dribblers win Humanoid KidSize League making TU Darmstadt the most successful university in this event.
Feb 1, 2011: The BioRob GmbH was selected as a landmark in the "Land of Ideas" and will be presented on Nov 8, 2011.
Jan 19, 2011: Hyperraum.TV reports about Darmstadt Dribblers (in German)
Congratulations to Dirk Thomas to his successful PhD defense!
BioBiped is jogging! Project web page and YouTube video channel online
2010/10/26: Juliane Kuhn receives Datenlotsen Award for her thesis
Nov 15-18, 2010: SIMPAR2010 program online & registration open
Sept 2010: IEEE Member Benefits Bulletin features Darmstadt Dribblers in Robots Play Soccer on
2010/08/20: heise online reports on the DFG project BioBipedRobot jointly conducted with Univ. Jena (in German)
July 19, 2010: IEEE Spectrum reports on Darmstadt Dribblers "most impressive humanoid robots" at RoboCup 2010, see also IEEE Spectrum techalert and here
June 24, 2010, Singapore: Autonomous humanoid robots of the Darmstadt Dribblers impressively defend their RoboCup world champion title against 23 international teams: 8 wins in 8 games, 74:2 goal difference, reports, videos, twitter
June 8-11, 2010, Munich: Presentation of the award winning BioRob - Safe and quickly deployable robot arms for flexible production - at the AUTOMATICA in Hall A2 at Booth 440
Darmstadt Dribblers featured in RWE Magazine April 2010: Robots conquer daily life (in German)
April 18, 2010: Darmstadt Rescue Robot Team Hector wins 2nd place at RoboCup GermanOpen; radio report (Deutschlandfunk) (in German)
April 19-23, 2010: Presentation of the award winning BioRob® - Safe and quickly deployable robot arms for flexible production - at the Hannover Messe in hall 2 at booth C45 and booth D34
Congratulations to Christian Reinl to his successful PhD defense!
2nd Intl. Conf. on Simulation, Modeling and Programming for Autonomous Robots (SIMPAR), Nov. 15-18, 2010, in Darmstadt: Call for Papers
Dec. 2009, IEEE ROBIO, Guilin: Paper of Kati Radkhah and Stefan Kurowski Finalist for Best Paper in Biomimetics
Nov. 30, 2009: Congratulations to Martin Friedmann for highly successful completion of his PhD!
Nov. 2, 2009: Jürgen Kunz and Stefan Kohlbrecher join the group as scientists in the new BioRobAssist project.
Oct 3, 2009: Excellent 3rd place for Darmstadt Rescue Robot Team as newcomer within 12 European teams at SICK Robot Day.
Oct 2, 2009, 10am - 9pm: You are wellcome to visit our robots at Innovative 2009! Entrance is free of charge.
Sept 12, 2009, Guadalajara: Darmstadt Dribblers win RoboCup Mexican Open
Sept 7, 2009, Kassel: BioRob robot arm project receives Hessian University-SME cooperation award (in German)
July 5, 2009, Graz, Austria: Autonomous, humanoid robots of the Darmstadt Dribblers blew away all opponents at RoboCup: World Champion (8 wins in 8 games, 78:3 goal difference), Louis Vuitton Best Humanoid Award (as first non Japanese team), 1. Place Technical Challenge: reports, videos
Robotics research inspires crime story author: Premiere reading of Christian Gude's "Homunculus" at karo 5: Humanoid robot of TU Darmstadt under suspicion of murder.
April 20-24,2009, RoboCup German Open and Hannover Messe: excellent results of Darmstadt Dribblers and Rescue Robot Team and presentation of the award-winning, new bionic robot arm
April 5, 2009: Darmstadt Dribblers win RoboCup Iran Open through 7:3 in the final against FUmanoid!
April 7, 2009, Leuven: BioRob robot arm project wins 1st price of the prestigeous European EURON/EUROP Robotics Technology Transfer Award!
New Journal of Software Engineering in Robotics (JOSER) founded!
Our robots appear in the popular TV show Tigerenten Club! Broadcasting dates: Sun, March 1, 2009, 8:55am (channel ARD), Sat Mar 7, 9:15am (SWR), 2:55pm (KI.KA), Sun Mar 8, 6am (rbb).
National IT Summit: Robot Bruno meets German Chancellor Merkel (pics, Nov 20, 2008)
3rd place for the poster of Sebastian Klug at the Bionik Konkress of GTBB in Bremen
Best Paper Award for Martin Friedmann and Karen Petersen at 1st International Conference on SIMULATION, MODELING, and PROGRAMMING for AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS (SIMPAR) Nov 3-7, 2008, Venice, Italy
The research group presents innovative robotic systems including autonomous humanoid robots, the new four-legged robot and the new bio-inspired robotic arm at the iTEC08 conference, Nov 6-7, 2008.
Aug. 1, 5:30pm on TV Channel Sat.1: Report on the RoboCup world championship title of the Dribbling Dackels within the GermanTeam
RoboCup 2008 in China: Darmstadt Dribbling Dackels as GermanTeam world champion of the Four-Legged Robot League after 5:0 win in the final game! Darmstadt Dribblers reach excellent 2. place out of 24 teams at the Humanoid Robot Technical Challenge.
Werner von Siemens Excellence Award 2008 for the diploma thesis of Kati Radkhah
Darmstadt Dribblers on TV in Service aktuell: Wissen from July 8-12, 2008, in channel ARD digital EinsPlus.
June 10-13, 2008, Munich, Automatica: Our new BioRob is presented in hall B2, stand 501C.
Summer School on Monitoring and Coordination Across Networked Autonomous Entities, August 18-22, 2008, at Castle Ebernburg
National Geographic Deutschland reports in its May 2008 issue on biomimetic technologies. A recent photo of our BioRob was selected to represent projects in Germany.
April 2008, RoboCup German Open and Hannover Messe: 1. place for Dribbling Dackels (as GermanTeam), 3. place for Darmstadt Dribblers; exhibition of our new bionic robot arm and our new autonomous four-legged robot at the thematic stand Bionics.
Darmstadt Dribblers humanoid robots on TV channel 3Sat on Jan. 24, 2008, 9pm, program delta: intelligent robots (in German)
1st International Conference on SIMULATION, MODELING, and PROGRAMMING for AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS (SIMPAR) Nov 3-7, 2008, Venice, Italy
The founding idea "New Generation of Robots" has been awarded the 2nd place at the UniTechSpin founding competition 2007.
Our autonomous, soccer playing, humanoid robots Bruno and Jan are performing from Nov 25 - 28 for the BMBF at the Soccerex 2007 in South Afrika (cf. TV3 NZ). Our striker Bruno 2 performs at an event of Discovery Channel in London on Nov 27-28.
Our Lara, the first humanoid robot of the world which is powered by artifical SMA muscles is presented in the traveling exhibition expedition materia of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
Excellence initiative of the German Federal and State Governments: the graduate school Computational Engineering has been approved on Oct 19, 2007, with participation of the SIM research group.
Best Poster Presentation Award for Thomas Hemker at the Czech-French-German Conference on Optimization
Humanoid robots Bruno and Lara of the Darmstadt Dribblers on TV, channel HR, Dossier: Körper, Sept. 27, 2007.
RoboCup 2007: GermanTeam takes 1st place in Technical Challenge, Darmstadt Dribblers lost very tight and dramatic quarter final vs. the later champion (reports and videos)
The lecture notes of the course "Robotics 1" haven been rated as the best of all courses in the wintersemester 2006/7.
April 16-21, 2007: Darmstadt Dribblers and Dribbling Dackels (with GermanTeam) compete at the European Championship of the RoboCup German Open in Hannover.
New Research Training Group (PhD program) opened on Feb. 2, 2007
The smarter robots gives in (in German): New cooperative BMBF project BioRob has started.
Humanoid Soccer Robots Workshop of 2006 IEEE-RAS Int. Conf. on Humanoid Robots: Proceedings online available
Interdisciplinary College at Gönne "Embodied Minds", March 9-16, 2007
July 1 - Dec. 3, Gotha, Museum of Nature: Bionics - From the primary saur to a walking robot: presents among others our first generation of autonomous humanoid robots, Mr. DD and Mr. DD Jr.1.
Resumee (with many videos!) of the Darmstadt Dribblers (autonomous humanoid robots) at RoboCup 2006: a 2nd and two 3rd places as well as 27 scored goals plus a plentitude of innovations (cf. heise online & Technology Review (in German)).
Darmstadt Dribblers & Hajime Team win Best Humanoid Robot Price at the RoboCup Japan Open 2006, May 4-6.
Dribbling Dackels at the RoboCup Dutch Open, April 7-9: "only" 3rd place in soccer games but 1st place in the technical challenge for the overall best team.
31.3.-2.4. Magdeburg: Training camp of the DFG supported RoboCup teams including DD & DDD
Autonomous, legged robots of the Darmstadt Dribblers & Dribbling Dackels on TV channel HR in Flowmotion Roadking on Mar 20, 3:45am; Mar 29, 2:25am; Apr 7, 3:50am. And on channel 3sat neues on Apr 1, 5pm; Apr 3, 7am & 9:45am. And on ZDF Apr 13, 1pm (Mittagsmagazin, video) , May 5 (heute, video), May 30 (heute, video), June 9 (heute, video), June 11 (DW-TV, video), visual presentation of Team Darmstadt (ZDF Mediathek, June 14).
RoboCup 2006, June 14-18: Darmstadt Dribblers & Dribbling Dackels at the robot soccer world championship in Bremen (cf. reports from RoboCup 2006 at or from 2005).
New course on optimization of static and dynamic systems starts!
International Workshop on Discrete-Continuous Optimization and Optimal Control, Dec. 15-16, 2005
RoboCup: GermanTeam World Champion 2005 after dramatic penalty-kick shoot-out!
More information, pictures and links are available here
The German science magazine Wissenschaft Online reports in its dossier on robotics in detail about the Darmstadt Dribblers and the Dribbling Dackels.
The classes on Robotics 1 and "Robotics 0" have been rated in the student's evaluation of the winter semester 2004/5 in several categories among the top 3 of all classes of the department. [More ...]
The new SIM-Websites are online!
RoboCup 2004 in Lisabon:
Darmstadt Dribbling Dackels with German Team are World Champion 2004!
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