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xabsl::EnumeratedInputSymbolRef Class Reference

#include <XabslEnumeratedExpression.h>

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Detailed Description

Represents an 'enumerated-input-symbol-ref' element of the option graph.

Max Risler

Martin Loetzsch

Definition at line 154 of file XabslEnumeratedExpression.h.

Public Member Functions

 EnumeratedInputSymbolRef (const Enumeration *enumeration, InputSource &input, ErrorHandler &errorHandler, Symbols &symbols, Option &option, State &state)

 ~EnumeratedInputSymbolRef ()

virtual int getValue () const
 Evaluates the enumerated expression.

Private Attributes

 The referenced symbol.

 The parameter assignments of the referenced symbol.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xabsl::EnumeratedInputSymbolRef::EnumeratedInputSymbolRef const Enumeration enumeration,
InputSource input,
ErrorHandler errorHandler,
Symbols symbols,
Option option,
State state


Creates the element

enumeration A reference to the enumeration which is the domain of this expression
input An input source for the intermediate code. It must be opened and read until A position where a expression starts.
errorHandler A reference to a ErrorHandler instance
symbols All available symbols
option The current option
state The current state

Definition at line 130 of file XabslEnumeratedExpression.cpp.

References xabsl::ParameterAssignment::create(), xabsl::Symbols::enumeratedInputSymbols, xabsl::EnumeratedInputSymbol::enumeration, xabsl::ErrorHandler::error(), xabsl::NamedArray< EnumeratedInputSymbol * >::exists(), xabsl::ErrorHandler::message(), xabsl::NamedItem::n, xabsl::InputSymbol< int >::parameters, xabsl::InputSource::readString(), and XABSL_DEBUG_INIT.

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xabsl::EnumeratedInputSymbolRef::~EnumeratedInputSymbolRef  ) 


Definition at line 162 of file XabslEnumeratedExpression.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

int xabsl::EnumeratedInputSymbolRef::getValue  )  const [virtual]

Evaluates the enumerated expression.

Implements xabsl::EnumeratedExpression.

Definition at line 168 of file XabslEnumeratedExpression.cpp.

References xabsl::InputSymbol< int >::getValue(), xabsl::InputSymbol< int >::parametersChanged(), and xabsl::ParameterAssignment::set().

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Member Data Documentation

EnumeratedInputSymbol* xabsl::EnumeratedInputSymbolRef::symbol [private]

The referenced symbol.

Definition at line 182 of file XabslEnumeratedExpression.h.

ParameterAssignment* xabsl::EnumeratedInputSymbolRef::parameters [private]

The parameter assignments of the referenced symbol.

Definition at line 185 of file XabslEnumeratedExpression.h.

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