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xabsl::DecimalInputSymbolRef Class Reference

#include <XabslDecimalExpression.h>

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Detailed Description

Represents a reference to a decimal input symbol.

Martin Loetzsch

Max Risler

Definition at line 277 of file XabslDecimalExpression.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual double getValue () const
 Calculates the value of the decimal expression.

 DecimalInputSymbolRef (InputSource &input, ErrorHandler &errorHandler, Symbols &symbols, Option &option, State &state)

 ~DecimalInputSymbolRef ()

Private Attributes

 The referenced symbol.

 The parameter assignments of the referenced symbol.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xabsl::DecimalInputSymbolRef::DecimalInputSymbolRef InputSource input,
ErrorHandler errorHandler,
Symbols symbols,
Option option,
State state


Creates the function call depending on the input.

input An input source for the intermediate code. It must be opened and read until A position where the function reference starts.
errorHandler A reference to a ErrorHandler instance
symbols All available symbols
option The current option
state The current state

Definition at line 223 of file XabslDecimalExpression.cpp.

References xabsl::ParameterAssignment::create(), xabsl::Symbols::decimalInputSymbols, xabsl::ErrorHandler::error(), xabsl::NamedArray< DecimalInputSymbol * >::exists(), xabsl::ErrorHandler::message(), xabsl::InputSymbol< double >::parameters, xabsl::InputSource::readString(), and XABSL_DEBUG_INIT.

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xabsl::DecimalInputSymbolRef::~DecimalInputSymbolRef  ) 


Definition at line 248 of file XabslDecimalExpression.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

double xabsl::DecimalInputSymbolRef::getValue  )  const [virtual]

Calculates the value of the decimal expression.

Implements xabsl::DecimalExpression.

Definition at line 254 of file XabslDecimalExpression.cpp.

References xabsl::InputSymbol< double >::getValue(), xabsl::InputSymbol< double >::parametersChanged(), and xabsl::ParameterAssignment::set().

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Member Data Documentation

DecimalInputSymbol* xabsl::DecimalInputSymbolRef::symbol [private]

The referenced symbol.

Definition at line 303 of file XabslDecimalExpression.h.

ParameterAssignment* xabsl::DecimalInputSymbolRef::parameters [private]

The parameter assignments of the referenced symbol.

Definition at line 306 of file XabslDecimalExpression.h.

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