Event Reports

Forum robotic in Bremen (12. to 13.02.2009)

Booth at Forum robotic
TV report about the BioRob project at Forum robotic

iTEC in Darmstadt (06. to 07.11.2008)

The Simulation, Systems Optimization and Robotics Group of TU Darmstadt presented the BioRob manipulator and the humanoid soccer robot Bruno.

BioTechnica in Hannover (07. to 09.10.2008)

Fraunhofer IBMT cryo tank equipped with a BioRob manipulator

Open House at Saarland University (21.06.2008)

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Möhl explaining the biologically inspired construction principles of the BioRob manipulator and the resulting advantages for human robot interaction.

Automatica in Munich (10. to 13.06.2008)

At Automatica Fair, two BioRob manipulators (model X3 and X4) were presented to the international trade visitors.

Hannover Fair (21. to 25.04.2008)